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  1. Hi, I looking for CCNP voucher. Please priv form me. Thanks
  2. To renew CCNP you must pass: one core exam or two concentration exam or one ccie lab exam.
  3. Hi, Maybe someone have to sell cisco CCDP exam voucher ? I need to go recert exam. Thanks
  4. Maybe someone has a voucher for the CCDP exam ? Thanks
  5. I looking for CCNP Sec voucher exams, maybe someone has to sell ??
  6. Hi, I'm interesting voucher for ccie written and lab exam. Please for a message here or pm
  7. Hi, colleagues Someone know answer for this questions ?
  8. Question 43 Exhibit [edit system ntp] [email protected]# show boot-server Referring to the exhibit, which action would synchronize a new router's clock with the NTP Server? A. Reboot the router. B. Configure the NTP server using the set server configuration command under the [edit system ntp] hierarchy. C. Configure the correct NTP trusted kay using the set trusted-key <key-value> configuration command under the [edit system ntp] hierarchy. D. Issue the set date ntp operational command.
  9. Question 40 The marketing team needs access to a server on subnet The next-hop router is A static route on their gateway has been configured to accomplish the task. You want to keep the static route from being redistributed into dynamic routing protocols. Which command will satisfy this requirement? A. set routing-options static route next-hop B. set routing-options static route next-hop no-resolve C. set routing-options static route next-hop no-redistribute D. set routing-options static route next-hop no readvertise
  10. Question 22 What are three interface prefixes for a 40-gigabit interface? (Choose three.) A. et B. es C. fte D. xe E. xle
  11. Hi, I have problem with question number 7. [edit firewall family inet] [email protected]# show filter protect-RE-1 { term 1 { from { protocol igmp; } then accept; } } filter protect-RE-2 { term 1 { from { protocol icmp; } then accept; } } [edit interface lo0] [email protected]# show unit 0 { family inet { filter { input-list { protect-RE-1 protect-RE-2}; } address; } } [edit interface ge-0/0/0] [email protected]# show description "Management Interface"; unit 0 { family inet { address; Referring to the exhibit, what happens when ping packets are sent to the managementinterface address of the local router? A. An ICMP redirect message is returned. B. An ICMP error message is returned. C. The ping packets are accepted. D. The ping packets are silently discarded.
  12. Question 72. I think "A" is correct. But other side in syntax is "permity" instead "permit" in policy p1. This maybe purposeful mistake.
  13. Ok every think is nice about voucher. But someone was in exam recently days ? Question is change or not ? Someone know ?
  14. Some changes in July? Someone was recently on the exam ?
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