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  1. Can someone please share the download link?
  2. Bad luck dear. I am also appearing this week lets c what will I get. Can you give some update on the multicasting and last section of services coming in K8
  3. well done friend can you please tell me the administrator password please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes you are quite correct .....but after download timer expires it shows as link invalid
  5. would really appreciate if I can get a voucher for JNCIA-ER...
  6. i guess link speeds should be given here to clarify the situation further... because if we consider all links to be of the same speed, there will be two options for SwD to reach root bridge SwE... => SwD - SwC - SwE => SwD - SwA - SwE one out of the two paths will be in blocking mode and that may give us the answer...
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