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  1. Hi Everyone Did anyone pass HP exam " HPE0-S56", if so can you please share your experience of what is required to pass the exam. Is the HP training sufficient for the exam?
  2. Hi Cardboard Ya some websites will say that they dont have them and some will claim that they do if you provide the "Pre-Payment" for example "Hi, I am Treesa from PassItCertify" "Hi, I am Treesa from DumpsKey" "Hi, I am Treesa from CertsTraining" and almost all of them will have the following "This product will be specially created for your, within 3 Days to 10 Days maximum. Makesure to remain in touch with our support team. This is an exculsive offer only by ..." Looks very shady to me Ya man just make sure you pay attention to the technical stuff/terms like vEdge, 4D, etc.... and I am not even sure if this is enough
  3. Hi CardBoard I dont think the videos are very helpful to be honest. They focus more on presales stuff and very little on technicality, and the exam questions were mostly technical. For E.g Which device provides the following feature etc.. I find the Cisco links really bad, because their slides are full with text and the guy talks really fast, so there is no way to grasp all the information properly. You have to keep pausing and listening in order to grasp all the information, plus a lot of the contents are pre-sales stuff like what questions to ask the costumer, bla bla bla. Regarding the pre-payment websites, they claim that they will provide the material in 3 days time but I noticed that all their websites have almost the same reply and the same person name, Treesa. This Treesa person looks like wonder woman because she works at five different websites so it looks very shady to me, but at the same time those websites seems that they did provide materials for other exams, so I dont know. Please let us know how your exam goes.
  4. Also I saw some websites that claim that they can provide dumps for the exam as a "Pre-Order" Payment. To be honest this is the first time I hear about something like this, usually the exam dumps are either available or not. What do you guys think about those websites that the claim to provide the exam dumps as a pre-order payment? looks shady to me to be honest but some of them look like legit websites that did provide dumps for other Cisco Exams
  5. I went to the exam as well but failed, I tried watching the three links that is available on Cisco Website but didnt feel that they cover all the questions that came on the exam. To be honest this exam is more of pre-sales than technical so I dont know why my company chose me, a technical delivery engineer, to do it. Really having a hard time with this exam.
  6. Hi Everyone As part of new Cisco requirements for Companies Gold Partnership they are requiring to pass the exam "500-470". I am having really a hard time finding dumps for this exam, can anyone help to provide me the dumps or at least direct me to where should I look as I looked everyone but with no luck. Regrads Ahmad
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