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  1. Here you go [Hidden Content]
  2. @felenskool, which year for the PDFs ? And do you have MP3s too ? Any version later than 2018 would be more beneficial given the revision of syllabus in 2018 ?
  3. Here is the alternate link [Hidden Content]
  4. Dear Fellow boarders, I heard that SANS 500 ondemand 2019 videos and USB is out in wild for sometime now.Could someone be kind enough to share those here, thanks! /K
  5. Hello Friends, Here is the link to 508 2019 Ondemand videos. Please grab it fast, link is not fine. Thanks to the original poster. [Hidden Content]
  6. Please check this Gdrive link and thanks to Original poster [Hidden Content]
  7. Link 17 of the file is working, atleast I tried the Rapidgator link and it is working for me - [Hidden Content]
  8. Have asked for newer links by reporting the non-working links at "learningdl [dot] net"
  9. Hello All, I got these Rapidshare & Nitro links for SANS FOR508 2019 Videos. Could someone please download and upload them on Gdrive /Mega or Torrent please. Thanks in advance ! [Hidden Content]
  10. Ghidra is NSA developed reversing tool (disassembler+ debugger) with similar functionality as IDA Pro, its not comparable to elearnsecurity as that’s a learning company
  11. I think so, it was a mistake to mention the PDF file, unless the PDF was hidden in the LAB archive file ( ~ 23 GB) ? I only get hold of the videos and there was no PDF file... and can't comment about the Lab archive file.
  12. 2018 PDF is not shared so far, only on-demand videos and lab has been shared and people have mostly missed on the labs as it was removed very quickly.
  13. yes, it is there on the share maintained in the above link, it needs Resilio client and you have to edit “ignorelist” file to download the specific files / folders and it is resilient than Mega / Gdrive shares
  14. Not sure, maybe he meant Rapidgator or Nitroflare. I noticed this course on tuts4dl and then asked bvn63 bro to move it somewhere and he uploaded to wetranfer portal
  15. Here you go buddy... this below Gdrive Link would be active for a week and this have slides (pdf) for domain 1 and domains 3 to 7. Domain 2 is missing [Hidden Content]
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