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  1. all those videos and courses are available on sans webinars or youtube channels.
  2. Does anyone have any content from hackedu.io?
  3. lol this literally just came out today...
  4. For the iot course, just grab it here. [Hidden Content]. The size are different but as other said, they are the content.
  5. Did you read our replies, read the exam guide, or did any research? You can't take the exam without paying for the training material.
  6. If you're asking for the official one, then it's only useful if you are taking the exam, but then the videos are included. If not, you're better off watching ippsec's youtube and tons of other free resources on sqli, xss, etc.
  7. this course is bad, and anything from Joe Mccray's strategic sec. Save your time and bandwith.
  8. Do you have version 1 available?
  9. Anyone have this course available? [Hidden Content]
  10. let me save you a click and useless thanks. hidden content from OP is just a link to amazon for the book.
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