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  1. Do you still plan on posting those questions?
  2. I want to take this exam. has anyone compiled the list of questions
  3. Anyone still looking at this exam?
  4. Netflow and Port Mirroring seem to be the most popular terms in the BP guides and various blogs online.
  5. Could be NICS here as the installed NICS may not support PXE? Question needed really
  6. Seems like a good option here. [Hidden Content]
  7. based on the above I would say requirement but I can see how its potentially a constraint.
  8. Interesting to see what this question was. ful section in the storage performance doc around the benefit of VMXnet. The context would help a lot. "The VMXNET family of paravirtualized network adapters provide better performance in most cases than the emulated adapters."
  9. Agreed, support assistant is a virtual appliance which automates the collection of diagnostic information and sends it to VMware.
  10. Basic Multicast and then Snooping are the options. Snooping has 2 modes - IGMP & MLD so I think you are correct here.
  11. 1. ESXi Hosts 2. PSC 3. vCSA 4. DNS Servers 5. Business Applications I would have said 1. ESX Hosts 2. DNS 3. PSC 4. VCSA 5. Bus Apps. Reason: If cluster is configured with DNS then the PSC wont be able to resolve the VCSA during boot of services?
  12. Sounds like a good approach. I'm in
  13. Didn't think they had it
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