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  1. Can anyone check for dates available in Bangalore or Hong Kong for Oct ?
  2. Does anyone have IPexpert DC bootcamp or workbook for DC ?? If yes please share Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Well For Exstart state I guess you should have checked the MTU settings on the interface as well.,... Also for TS guys please be careful in reading the instruction given at the bottom of each question after the small topology... Sometime they would restrict you from creating new info.... I think in your case t might be one of such violation that led to a low score.... HTH
  4. Thanks for the comment.. I did not attempt the OER question. For Tshoot below are the details: 1. OSPF frame-relay: Broadcast keyword missing on few devices OSPF network type different on R15 2. PPP : username and password missing frame-relay config issue b/w R24 and R25. eigrp redistribution rip version mismatch 3. ZBF class-map match wrong protocol policy-map changed to inspect wrong mapping on interfaces 4. OSPF : R16 :virtual link authen R17 : interface ip add was incorrect R7 residtribution issue 5.NTP R13 missing config R9 acl R11 acl R5 missing authentication and source loop0 6.Switching ticket: Sw1 : interface no in correct vlan change interface priority VTP pass mismatch 7.BGP: R6 router-reflector R7 route-map dropping traffic R27 & R26 change the default local prefernce 8. MSPD could not solve this one 9. IPV6: interface on R3 toward R4 was configured as network type non-broadcast (Question specifically mentioned not to remove any existing config ) So changed the network type on R4 and added neighb command. Note for neigh command use the link-local ip 10:HSRP Wrong Priority on R23 and track down Wrong Priority and inbound acl dropping traffic for eigrp Hope this helps.
  5. Please give me sometime to share the tshoot details....
  6. Finally hard work paid off.... Thanks a lot to CJ, UldisD, jimmy, and everybody here for your tremendous help and support!! You guys certainly know how to go out of the way to help. It has not been easy but finally feels so good to have the magical number. Honest advice would be not to learn stuff but to understand. Be ready for a few new faults in Tshoot, but nothing major. K6 same no changes . Had TCP wait configuration but I left it there as it did not break anything.
  7. I am not sure but I guess there is an incorrect static route entry also on one of these routers preventing the ospf neighborship try putting the add of the route to 255 and remove the redistribution of static routes into ospf. HTH.
  8. Hi Goober13 thanks for the reply....
  9. Can one please share the INE DC workbook. Thanks in advance.
  10. I could see a thread yesterday where someone has mentioned that he has passed the K7 lab but I could not open that thread. The link to the thread is given below [Hidden Content] Can we please have the access to the same thread so that we can confirm the correct solutions for k7 and help people get the most desired number.
  11. Hi Buddy sorry to hear that. can u post the multicast soln that u used.
  12. C1scocert

    New TS Paper

    Hey Guys anyone passed the new lab K7 yet ?
  13. Can anyone share the cert updates ?
  14. Can anyone share the CCIECRT 8th May update ????
  15. Can anyone provide link for Cert update for the k7 they claim on the website that they have 100% soln for the new lab. I would appreciate if someone can share it so that we can verfy that on this thread. I am planning to give my second attempt in a few days. Thanks for the help
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