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  1. I had downloaded Advanced series from another thread here in certcollection. Can you please search and download. It has all the videos.
  2. Here you go [hide][Hidden Content]] Please import to your mega drive as soon as possible.
  3. let me upload and share it here..be patient..
  4. looking badly for the missing videos from almost an year now..please upload and share..thanks..
  5. trying to download. it is very slow. can you please seed or share it on Mega or Google drive?
  6. @MulticastAbc Can you please upload to Mega/Torrent and share link here ? Thanks.
  7. Here you go.. [Hidden Content] Key: SsNJxzCUeDzruaKStEJQbQ [Hidden Content] Key: _iQzsJA1cZ00jgHSit95Yg Credit goes to original uploader.
  8. Hi..I have Labminutes ACI Basic and Advanced Video bundle..Below videos are missing from my Basic Video collection. If anyone got below videos please share. DC0003 – ACI Introduction to APIC Web Interface40:09 DC0004 – ACI Out-of-Band Management31:10 DC0009 – ACI Tenant Design and Configuration59:56 DC0010 – ACI Packet Forwarding and EPG40:37 DC0019 – ACI AAA with RADIUS and TACACS69:25 DC0021 – ACI Monitoring and Troubleshooting75:00 Thanks in advance!
  9. ACI Lumos Video Collection [Hidden Content]
  10. Unfortunately all links are dead..someone pls upload to MEGA or G-Drive..thanks..
  11. INE Practical Python Cisco Automation [Hidden Content] Please, hide your links next time. Usage: [ hide ] All your Download links [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  12. Python programming fundamentals [Hidden Content] Please, hide your links next time. Usage: [ hide ] All your Download links [ /hide ] (without spaces)
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