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  1. Anyone took the exam recently?
  2. Got a couple of new vouchers for CCNA / CCNP Specialist Exams. Send me a PM if interested.
  3. Still have a couple of vouchers left. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. Attempted the exam today and none of the questions came from this. There was also no simulation question.
  5. Voucher still available.
  6. Couple of slots opened up in January for CCIE Lab Exam. Still have one voucher left so send me a PM if interested.
  7. Only willing to sell to persons who completed the written exam.
  8. CCIE Lab Exam Voucher (100% Discount) expires in May 2020 Cost: US$1200 Payment via Paypal. Send me a PM only when ready to purchase.
  9. Send me a PM if you can pay from a US Paypal account.
  10. 6 vouchers remaining... Willing to sell all 6 in one lot for US$1200
  11. Exam Voucher (100% discount) for the following: CCNA/CCNP Concentration/Technical Specialist Exams 200-201, 200-301, 200-401 300-xxx 500-xxx 600-xxx Cost US$250 Valid until October 14, 2020. Payment via Paypal. Send me a PM if interested.
  12. Exam Voucher - Cost US$350 Valid to last test date February 23, 2020. Payment via Paypal. Buyer must be from the United States. Send me a PM if interested.
  13. Did C4C or spoto provide updates for H3+? Surprised these updates have not been shared as yet on this forum.
  14. Anyone knows about the changes to H3 that spoto is referring to?
  15. It is possible the changes they made resulted in H3+ and a new topology H4. At this point, we just have to wait for more feedback to confirm the actual changes. I am going to hold off scheduling my exam until we know for sure.
  16. I understand the need for the ban but you said " there IS a new TS it seems..." so want you to confirm the new CFG is fake news.
  17. San Jose & RTP are now mobile test centers and now Richardson is the only permanent test site in the US
  18. Use the CCIE Tracker ([Hidden Content]) to check but there are dates available.
  19. At Richardson, TX they are using a Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse like in the pic below. Be sure to reach by 8AM where reception will give you the Cisco guest pass sticker and you have to pick from several options what you want for lunch. The bathroom was far away from the room since bathroom closer to the room was not working. Proctor gave little to no brief except check your ID and tell you where to sit. There is a shelf to the back of the room to place your personal items (no lockers). At your workstation there would be a paper with the login information to start the lab. Once everyone was seated, proctor wrote down on the whiteboard start time, time for lunch and end time. Lunch was 20 mins and proctor wasn't very accommodating with time since everyone was out by 4:40PM
  20. You should not only focus on the H3. Many persons get H1/1+ H2/2+ on your first attempt. I got H3 and still did not pass even though outputs matched so I suspect I changed some pre config that I was not supposed to.
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