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  1. Hi team, sorry for the delay i've been busy setting up some vpn solutions during this crisis. as i promised this is the Fortimail Dump. please share reviews. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Hi, Here are the NSE6 FortiADC dumps please double check and share [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Hi Everybody I passed NSE6 FortiADC FortiAUth Fortimail and FortiWeb, i will share the Dumps soon, Please double check on my dumps and send me feedbacks
  4. it is about 70% of exam question i did my best to correct answer, i recommed to double check and send me feed back, i also recommend to read to study guide and repeat the lab guide, and good luck
  5. he are the decryption key for the link [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi team as i promised you can find on link below the NSE7 dump that i created [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. hi team, HamDuAllah i have passed my NSE 7 AND 6, and i will share my experience with you
  8. Here is the dumps that i used for NSE certification please theres is some mistake on it, don't forget to correct them and post [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hi team, i passed NSE6 fortiweb 5.6 i will share the dump soon with NSE4 5 and 6
  10. here are the link updated with NSE4 please review the question and correct it because since the last time i passed on july there is a lot of wrong reponses. and i didnt have so much time to revew it. [hide][Hidden Content]] Please if you have any information about NSE6 7 or 8 please share it whith us.
  11. I have NSE 4 5.4 but i think it is the same with minor difference.
  12. Here are th dumps for fmg and FAZ [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. hello, i preparing for fortinet certification, i passed NSE4 and NSE5_FAZ-5.4 and NSE5_FMG-5.4, and i'm looking for NSE6 dumps. i'm sharing NSE 5 dumps, and if you have any study materials for NSE 6 please share it with us.
  14. Hi team, i just passed my SISAs today, Thank you giovani and everyone who contributed. I got 60 question passing score is 846, i got 94x/1000 i got new drag and drop about Portals Device Portals : delete n accoubt Blacklist register a stolen device and the two others is too easy to figure out about 3 new question i got 2 simulations: the second simulations from exam B i confirm the dump still valid. stud study matrials was CBT nuggets and lab simulations on vsphere or eve thank you giovani and everyone who collaborated, just keep sharing.
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