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  1. I agree, since UCS 6332 FI only have ethernet ports, not FC.
  2. Hello, did anybody try this exam? No matter if passed or not...
  3. Hey! I passed this week with 9xx, passing score was 825. I got 105 questions, a little more than 30 questions not in the 155 dump.
  4. be careful, NetApp enables thin provisioning, not NFS.
  5. really? are you the owner of this webpage or what? here is for sharing, not for publicity...
  6. I can't find PTX v2, this is the closest course I found. The courses are not downloadable.
  7. Hi, I have a current subscription valid until end of April, 2021. It includes CyberSecurity as well as all other tracks. Let me know if interested. I also have tokens in that account but, probably nobody would be interested on those nowadays.
  8. I think B or C (B more than C) are possible answers but definitely not A.
  9. Check 1st message of this thread by 'geneccie'...
  10. hi all, did anybody pass JNCIP-ENT recently?
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