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  1. @manofring i have the VM for RHEL 7 .. it was shared here
  2. Hello, [Hidden Content] Thanks
  3. this is the worst course created by brian .. i think it's a summary of ccie rs v5 atc
  4. Thank you Link work perfectly, sorry do you have VCP 6.7 PPT ?
  5. Dear community, Hope that you're fine i want to go through Service provider , i want work for ISP, it's a dream i love routing bgp isis .. I have question what's the needed skils to get this job? and can you give a learning path ? (which ccna ccnp ..) , do i have to learn data center technologies for working in ISP? thank you
  6. Hi i'am looking for Jncis-ENT and Jncip-ENT Thank you
  7. Hello, I need the vcp-dc 6.7 powerpoints, please if you can send it to me. Thank you
  8. Hello, I need ccna R&S and Security Voucher please PM me
  9. Hello Hope that you're fine , please who can send me the JCF official book ( jncia-cloud) or some screenshot of this book from the open learning session. Thank you Best regards.
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