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  1. @sardarji I dont have downloaded video material, am doing it from two sources: ITProTV and Cybrary courses via subscription. You can create a free account and access the course for 7 -10 days and then they charge your CC.
  2. Started CCSP now with Study Guide/AIO Guide/Cybrary Video and Then will do Practice test. Similar approach and good thing is a lot of topics overlap from CISSP to CCSP.
  3. I provisionally passed CISSP!! and now in the endorsement phase. Lots of topics to study and assimilate for this one for sure.
  4. geek2020

    CISSP Group

    I finished Original Study Guide and now going thru the official Practice tests and some other resources to check the domain grasp and also prepared notes. I am hoping to appear by sept end.
  5. Hi All, I am in my final leg of CISSP study and looking to form a group for people who are going to take their exam in next 1-2 months. Please PM or comment if you want to create a study group. Thanks! Mod Note (mavis): Contact Topic Starter via PM to join the study group. Topic closed to prevent spam.
  6. I am building my LAB in CML, imported some open shared INE topology via github and can run 30 node(at capacity for Personal version). If you have a Cisco Enterprise Agreement, you can download the OVA/VMDK for SDWAN stuff(Viptella vbond/vmanage etc), but DNAC is still physical only, which you can practice via Cisco Sandbox environment.
  7. All, How far out your exam is? I am more than halfway thru OSG and with current pace, looking at a Mid-September date.
  8. No dumps, as most of the time its waste of money. And many people have seen this, paid for it and not more than 20% matched. I am more than halfway done thru ISC study Guide. Once done, will go with Boson/Sybex practice tests. Dates availability and schedule, looking for Sept end
  9. currently working on CISSP, target exam date is Sep 2nd week. after that CCSP
  10. geek2020

    Working Viptela Lab

    Thank you for confirmation! I was being limited in Mega so wanted to find out.
  11. geek2020

    Working Viptela Lab

    @R2013 sorry for asking this, but are these images downloaded from Cisco and then you re-configured them in your own lab using vmware workstation? Can I use these in Cisco Modelling Lab?
  12. If the group is active, please add me to it.
  13. I am going in for 300 in few weeks. If anyone is interested to collaborate we start a skype group
  14. geek2020


    I have seen Passleaders have one but not verified it.
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