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  1. So you have two weeks roughly for 8hrs of training to get done?
  2. There is no content on this post. It was a REQUEST for someone to upload it / find it for the OP.
  3. Anyone got an actual link that has the stuff in it? Someone was so kind to delete the contents of the original link and just leave the List.txt document with the video titles in it!
  4. Can you reup the 12th video? Its showing no longer available. Thanks in advance.
  5. In all honesty, I'm glad that it isn't working. OffSec puts a lot of effort into their stuff, its great and the cert is very worth it. I'm going to save up and pay for it, especially now that everyone is being like forced to stay home!
  6. The link is there but you have to sign up for accessing it. It doesn't let you just straight download it. Or at least it didn't for me.
  7. They changed the content of the exam. The ONLY book that is NOT being updated by ISC2 is the "Official Practice Tests" book, wait for the new stuff to come out. Its supposed to be in November for the "Official ISC2 Guide" and in April 2020 for the "Official CBK".
  8. Grafixx01

    Failed CCSP

    So I took the CCSP today and failed it. I already have the CISSP, though I took it back when it was a 6hr test and the whole 'non-adaptive' type. Difference from what I can tell, the information that was in the books for the CISSP (ISC2 CBK, Shon Harris, Eric Conrad and the bootcamp) were on the test. The 'Official Study Guide', the 'Official CBK' and the 'Official Practice Tests'... I'd be very save to say that there was maybe 20-30% of the material in all of those books combined in the test. I took a bootcamp, paid for by work, and also read the CSAv4 materials as well. So after failing, I'm looking around and apparently ISC2 changed the test content in August of this year. Then I look for the books. ISC2 points you to Amazon which states the "Official ISC2 Study Guide" isn't going to be available until November 2019, the "Official CBK" won't be available until April 2020. So I don't think there is a little changed but there has got to be a fairly decent amount changed to be that long for the guides to come out. But in all honesty, I don't know how you put a test out or change a test to incorporate the new data/topics/whatever if you don't even have the materials available to study. Whatever... Rant over... Not taking it again unless work wants to pay again. Just my 2cents
  9. You can download it without issues. It just takes a bunch of clicks and window closing.
  10. Their textbook on the website is almost $900.00!
  11. Their textbook on the website is almost $900.00!
  12. Can anyone repost on Mega please?
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