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  1. Anyone can reshare the links are dead
  2. Anyone can share the link,
  3. Would you re-upload USB appreciate it
  4. Anyone can share PCCSA exam dumps ?
  5. Student102


    re upload please
  6. There will be a new version of THP so wait till they drop the new course then we can check if someone can share it
  7. Sorry Thought it is legit site. My mistake
  8. Hi m8 check this link Do NOT post external web links. Post direct download link, magnet links instead.
  9. Mediafire Links for PTPv3 - WPTX - WAPT Pass : certcollection.org [Hidden Content]
  10. Thanks for advice =) I'm Uploading it right now once finish will share the new links here and will create new topic. cheer m8
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