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  1. How do you recommend best way to deep knowledge of technology? For me I write: Sit and watch videos (INE) lab with config guide/reference sheet Read theory from cert guide/protocol deep dive reference teach self with make vid/powerpoint make mindmap overview Real world deployment from discussion / other engineers God bless.
  2. eagerly awaiting the ASA training share on MEGA.. thank you!
  3. Do you know of any links to old CCNP/CCIE R&S INE? Big thanks.
  4. Thank you. Is there full CCNP R&S or new CCNP Enterprise ENCOR, workbooks and any ASA stuff?
  5. Thanks, but I again edited the vmdk and removed hiddenmenus and passwords, and the problem seems to persist. would you mind uploading your modified file? are also logging capabilities enabled on your vm?
  6. Hello paloalto-8.1.0.tar extracts to a QCOW2 image, which I tried to edit with the hex editor. Are you suggesting that i use another QCOW2 image and if so where can I find it? and do you have logging capabilities enabled on your appliance? Thank you.
  7. I have paloalto-8.1.0.tar. After converting to vmdk and editing out the hiddenmenu and password hash in the hex editor, it appears to mention root (hd0,1) file system type unknown, partition type 0x83. Error 17: cannot mount selected partition. Any help would be appreciated, perhaps I did something wrong with the hex, though I redacted only the hiddenmenu and password hash with whitespace. Been struggling with finding a working palo image. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. This image appears to have fixed a NAT issue I was having with another IOSvL2 image file.
  9. How do I keep track of the latest cisco VIRL images? Are these the latest ones?
  10. Good morning, I am looking for the most stable files for a L3 router and a L2 switch as of December 2018. Currently I have: b4b906c2c2c0d1e22c5bd26a2c4a3ed8f63d879a4d12b2ea48891eb97fbcbbc1 (sha256sum) c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.M8.bin for routing I would probably get: c2691 for an EtherSwitch (layer 2) c3725 for an EtherSwitch (layer 3) Any ideas on the files for these? or similar switch images for my CCNA studies. Happy holidays!
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