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  1. Hello Guys, I want to make a virtual lab for Palo Atlo and most of the advance features are not working with the free version. Can someone tell me which is the cheapest license to buy?
  2. @nunufar, Thank you it worked. Is there any document to show how to do the Panaroma as well?
  3. Hello Friends, I start learning Palo Alto firewalls, but as you know most the advance features are not working until you purchase the proper license. Therefore, I need your advice on different options available for licensing the Palo Alto. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for sharing. Do you have it for eve-ng?
  5. Hello Friends, Does anyone have Cisco ASA 9.5 or above or Firepower 6.5 or above workbook to share please. I need it badly.
  6. CAn someone share the .qcow2 for eve-ng, please?
  7. myccie2019

    CBT SDWAN Course

    I need it too, please share
  8. Brilliant great job buddy. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Anyone have the bellow training to share please? CCIE Security v5.0 ASA 9.6.1 Deep Dive: Labs [Hidden Content]
  10. Hello Friends, Does anyone have CCIE Security v5 workbook to share please. I really need it.
  11. Thank Kamui, After upgrading the controllers to version 20.x.x, it works fine. It had nothing to do with the hardware, I think it was compatibility issue.
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