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  1. @drunkmonk Can you please share the following courses from the pluralsight, please. [Hidden Content]
  2. lol. Yeh, saw it. I have his Firepower book and video training, he is great. But for the Polo Alto, I think it is another instructor. Yeh, I would appreciate if someone can share it.
  3. Does Todd have Palo Alto trainings? I guess he is working with Cisco and Cisco might not like to keep people advertising for other vendors.
  4. Also, can you please upload " routehub - Cisco ASA with FirePOWER "
  5. Nothing is inside the folder, can you please reupload?
  6. Hello guys, Can someone share the below course, please. routehub - Cisco ASA with FirePOWER
  7. Do you guys have Panaroma 9 or 10 for eve-ng to share please.
  8. Hello friends, I need Routehub Palo Alto Networks 8.0 Training, can someone share it please.
  9. Hello Foks, Can you guys please share the following training. Configuring Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) NetOps Features
  10. Yes, it exists. Cisco is providing 90 days trail license for almost 99% of its products. Palo Alto provides you life time license , but it is only for some basic and limited features. If you want to use the advance features, then you must buy the license. I know there is 60 days student license, but I don't know how to apply for it.
  11. Hello Friends, Please help me on adding panaroma image on eve-ng. I googled, but couldn't find any document.
  12. Hello Friends, Can you guys, please, tell me how to apply for Palo Alto 60 days license for students.
  13. Thank you for great share. Would you please share Panaroma 9.x too, please.
  14. Does anyone have any handout, notes or workbook about Palo Alto to share, please?
  15. Hello Guys, I want to make a virtual lab for Palo Atlo and most of the advance features are not working with the free version. Can someone tell me which is the cheapest license to buy?
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