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  1. Seems like torrent is stuck at 20%.no seeders
  2. anyone pass 350-901 recently ? pl share your feedback.
  3. tar123

    Khawar Butt SD-WAN

    you missed the point. INE, labminutes, cisco sdwan and loads of other trainings are already available here. so, if anyone really wants to learn SD WAN, they can utilize material available at hand. Khawar butt sd wan is optional and not really required in my view. Seeing the quality of his R&S content posted here before, I don;t think its good quality resource.
  4. tar123

    Khawar Butt SD-WAN

    labminutes and tons of other stuff on SD-WAN is available here which is great content and covers vitually everything. Why people ask for khawar butt , when we have already all material covered and you can lab it up as well and generate all license/serial file by creating a smart account at software.cisco.com.
  5. Title is wrong as This is incomplete. there are 2 parts , Part A and Part B whereas only Part A is shared here. Part B is missing so incomplete sharing..
  6. hey thanks for sharing but seems some files/folders missing. folders 16. 18. 27. 28. seem missing. Total 232 videos on site but 205 in package so, 27 videos missing. can you share those too. thanks
  7. Bro, better if you post link after upload finished. coz i still see most folders empty after an hour and it will take you few hours since upload speed seems slow. If link remain here, by the time you finish upload, it might already be taken down.
  8. spam everywhere on the link, don't get your laptop infected
  9. Before you take exam, you will go through submitting some pictures from your mobile phone, i.e. you can use your passport page picture or driving license picture. in addition, they will ask you to take pictures of your desk/table from 4 sides. Better to take picture from your original document / passport.
  10. It happened to lot of people including me , specially the ones who registered for India training session. Many have posted their complaints on Microsoft Training Support portal. We didn't receive session email either. [Hidden Content] Best bet is you re-register for another session .
  11. THey are old, perhaps 2016/2017 time frame
  12. Most of the videos in this "free" subscription are very basic. For example, in exam review for vsphere, presenter only walks you through blue print of the exam , not much useful i guess. its a way for them to upsell, coz if you search inside for video, first link you will find is to buy the training which is 3000$ plus. Not much worth i guess.
  13. I agree especially the SDA and SDN (viptella) section is totally crap. The new guy only does theory and there is no connection whatsoever to practicality or labs. INE lost its standard.
  14. Were there any wrong answers in the file ?
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