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  1. Dear All, I am looking for CISM IT ProTV video series . Can someone has it please share it. I had downloaded that once from mega but its password protected. Its named this way ITPTV-CIS-M.7z.1 ITPTV-CIS-M.7z.2 ITPTV-CIS-M.7z.3 I was able to extract 7z but the rar has different password. If someone has the same materail can someone please share the password or alteast share the ITProtv cism material. Any help will be very much appreciated Thanks.
  2. Hi jaguar777, You have uploaded the 27th edition review manual. We need QnA 12th edition CISA , Can you please help with that ?. Thanks.
  3. can someone please reupload the questions bank 12 edition? NO link is available for this document .
  4. link is gone can you please reshare thanks.
  5. can anyone re share, the link is no more avaliable.
  6. looking for this course. Please share if someone has it.
  7. Thanks brother, Simply awesome collection.
  8. yeah[long silence]
  9. buddy please refresh the link. thanks.
  10. kindly please refresh the link
  11. its the foundations exam dumps can you please share the cloud ops dumps
  12. HI all, can anybody please help on above?
  13. sorry Mavis the new forum is bit confusing.
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