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  1. because not all people have access to the course to try fetching videos out, or they just think it is not worthy enough to take this much of their time.
  2. your winrar trial is expiring.. lel
  3. oh come on man! everyone is stuck at 41.8; and internet speed is not the problem
  4. i assume he/she knows that and already have 100% maybe
  5. Thanks a lot mate! where were you all this time? Pleeeeease seed!!
  6. ++ Just checking if anyone happens to have it now
  7. i am at 41, seeding whatever i have
  8. i am also seeding, but we need more seeders
  9. If someone has, please share VM/LAB for DEV540: Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security
  10. Can someone please share Deep learning specialization course from coursera? [Hidden Content]
  11. Do someone have Corelan “ADVANCED” exploit development course pdf/videos? [Hidden Content]
  12. Is there any hacking course available for 3g/4G/LTE. Can someone please share?
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