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  1. So, here's the deal. I have the firmware available to anyone that asks. I had posted the link in twitter and my network (which houses the file) got bombarded with brute force attacks. TLDR: Nothing managed to break in my network, but I placed a GEOIP Block on my network. I am handing the file on out per requests to my twitter account. Please reach out to me from @kmclubb on Twitter. Because the file is larger than 2 MB in size I can not post it on the forums. I will give any who ask a link based off of their location but only give it to those that request it. Again, message me at @kmclubb on Twitter. This is my relevant post to the situation. Thanks. PS: I do not actively monitor this forum.
  2. Please refer to my last post to get this firmware from me. I have JD16 and JD17 autonomous access point firmware.
  3. Looking for c1140-k9w7-tar.153-3.JD17.tar for my Cisco AP I acquired from a local school selling them. I have the previous JD16 installed on them currently. For reasons that I bought them from a school, I do not have or wish to purchase a contract to keep them updated (nor sure you have to do so). Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.
  4. Removed links per my last post, please jump to page 2 and see my latest post.
  5. So, the only working link that doesn't want you to install malware seems to be from pgolub above me. Here is some addition working links: [hide]Google Drive: [Hidden Content] Dropbox: [Hidden Content] Mega (from pgolub): [Hidden Content]] Use hide tags. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)
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