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  1. 2 b 6 a 9 b 14 a 30 c Q33 D 34 b 50 b 55 D 68 d 69 a 88b 89 BE 93 ad 104 d 110 unsure 124 d Q126 A Q127 DE 128 c 129 c 131 b 132 a 133 d 138 b some are common with aarasu's corrections. i will check the corrections aarasu shared
  2. i will check dump for incorrect answer. please cross verify it.
  3. has there bin more update to aws-s02 dump?
  4. Guys is the real dump still stable? anyone attempting?
  5. please share 350-901 devcor dump and discuss wrong q&a here
  6. i passed today. real pdf and the discussion is good to pass he exam. thanks for the best forum
  7. passed. thanks to everyone who chipped in. best forum.
  8. why a smart guy like yourself need someone to validate the dump? :) go through this training material, you should be bale to answer any question. [Hidden Content]
  9. ofcourse! why i did not though about this earlier? guess i am not smart like you :)
  10. Q16 Drag drop for transport - answer must be https or ssh?
  11. Thank you. that is perfect. the reference link shared by wunderup was helpful also. ty
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