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  1. please share 350-901 devcor dump and discuss wrong q&a here
  2. i passed today. real pdf and the discussion is good to pass he exam. thanks for the best forum
  3. why a smart guy like yourself need someone to validate the dump? :) go through this training material, you should be bale to answer any question. [Hidden Content]
  4. ofcourse! why i did not though about this earlier? guess i am not smart like you :)
  5. Q16 Drag drop for transport - answer must be https or ssh?
  6. Thank you. that is perfect. the reference link shared by wunderup was helpful also. ty
  7. Q29. Answer should be virtual machine not bare metal systems.
  8. For GB visit the Group Buy section. Strictly NO GB related discussions / initiations under this thread. To start a GB, go to the Group Buy section, read the pinned GB rules topic, create a new GB topic and wait for approval.
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