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  1. Hello everyone, please tell me what is the best tutorial to learn CCNP encore? thanks in advance
  2. Guys please help me, I changed the mode to vManage and forgot to configure vpn512, when I tried to access via GUI I coudnt, what should I do?
  3. Hello everyone, hope you are doing well I need a good MPLS LAB to practice it, please share. thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone, can anyone upload this image for me Cisco ISR 4000 Series IOS XE SD-WAN ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone, Does anyone have Khawar Butt SD-WAN course? please share it thanks in advance
  6. Does anyone have this course [Hidden Content] upload it please, thanks in advance
  7. it works with N1 highmem 8vCPU,52GB memory, is it ok?
  8. it passes 300$, is it ok?
  9. @Truegunner247 How many RAM, processor and disk should I put?
  10. thanks a lot bro, How many RAM and processor should I put?
  11. Hello everyone, I don't have enough resources to build SD-WAN Lab in my PC, I have an account on Google cloud with 300$ free, would anyone help me to build a simple Lab there, any videos or documentation. thanks in advance
  12. I dont know bro, me I am searching for it, if you find something let me know please
  13. @Cisco Tree I dont know bro, me I am searching
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