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  1. I can't connect to ASDM! Please help me how to connect to ASDM?
  2. CCNA is one of the top paying IT certifications a Cisco certified network associate with most valuable routing and switching knowledge. I have collect the step by step guides of CCNA articles in this post for those who are new in CCNA. The best way to learn about networking is to do it. Hands-on equipment gets students started, but is limited to the number of devices in the lab. That’s why the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum includes Cisco Packet Tracer, an innovative network configuration simulation tool used for teaching, gaming, and assessment. Cisco Packet tracer is a network simulator software for CCNA exams preparation. This simulation software will help you quickly create a lab and start configuring like a real Cisco devices. It support most routing, switching, wireless, and basic firewall devices with latest IOS. Packet Tracer CCNA Practical Labs The labs are downloadable with step by step configuration guide. To practice and test this labs, you need to have Cisco packet tracer installed on your computer. 1. Configure Static Routing in Packet Tracer A complete guides to configure static routing that network administrator need to configure the network routers manually instead of using routing protocols, RIP or OSPF. The benefits of static routing is minimum bandwidth usage, no overhead on router CPU and many more and perfect for small network with a few routers. But it is not without cons. Difficult to configure all routers manually in the large network and troubleshooting is always harder than configuration. 2. How to Configure Routing Information Protocol (RIP) This is about how to configure Routing Information Protocol (RIP) on the Cisco Routers. The RIP is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols and work perfectly with IPv4. The next generation of routing information protocol for IPv6 is know as RIPng (RIP next generation). So in this article we are going to test the RIP with IPv4. 3. How to Configure OSPF Routing Protocol Configuration of OSPFrouting protocol is easy as RIP Routing. The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a routing protocol for wide area networks and enterprise network. OSPF is perhaps the most widely used interior gateway protocol (IGP) in large enterprise networks. The IS-IS, is another link-state dynamic routing protocol, which is more common in large service provider networks. The most widely used exterior gateway protocol is the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the principal routing protocol between autonomous systems on the Internet. 4. How to Configure DHCP on Cisco Router? Configure DHCP on Cisco Router. The last week we had send a topic about installation and configuration of DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2. We have introduced the DHCP Server and told the necessary services and network protocols requirement. If you don’t know the basic of DHCP Server? you must read the article first. 5. How to Configure Standard Access List On Cisco Router? The Standard Access List (ACL) on Cisco router works to permit or deny the entire network protocols of a host from being distinguishing. These decisions are all based on source IP address which filter network traffic by examining the source IP address in a packet. We can create the standard IP access list by using the access-list command with numbers 1 to 99 or in the expanded range of 1300 to 1999. 6. Configure VLAN on Cisco Switches Using Cisco Packet Tracer Configuring VLAN or Virtual Local area network on Cisco Switches is a most important subject of CCNA exam. A VLAN is a switched network that is logically segmented by function, project team, or application, without regard to the physical locations of the users. VLANs have the same attributes as physical LANs, but you can group computers even if they are not physically located on the same LAN segment. Any switch port can belong to a VLAN, and unicast, broadcast, and multicast packets are forwarded and flooded only to end stations in the VLAN. Each VLAN is considered a logical network, and packets destined for stations that do not belong to the VLAN must be forwarded through a router or bridge or layer 3 switches. Because a VLAN is considered a separate logical network. 7. Configure Inter VLAN Routing on a Cisco Router and Layer 3 Switches This is another Packet Tracer CCNA Practical Labs about how to configure Inter VLAN Routing on the Cisco router or layer 3 switches? Basically on a VLAN no host can communicate with hosts within other VLANs. It means only hosts that are members of the same VLAN can communicate with each other. So if you want your VLANs hosts can communicate with each others, you must configure inter VLAN routing using a router or a layer 3 switch. Here we completely show you the Inter-VLAN configuration using a Cisco router and a layer 3 switch. 8. How to Enable Telnet and SSH on Cisco Router and Switches? This article focus on configuring and enabling telnet and ssh on Cisco routers and switches. The Telnet is an old and non secure application protocol of remote control services. You can configure telnet on all Cisco switches and routers with the following step by step guides. But it’s not the best way on the wide area network. However we just going to enable telnet and ssh to test them for CCNA Certification exams. 9. Configure SNMP Protocol on Cisco Packet Tracer? Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used for network monitoring and management. It is made up of 3 parts, the SNMP manager, SNMP agent and Management Information Base (MIB). In Packet Tracer there is not a lot you can actually do with SNMP but it is possible to set up a router or switch as an SNMP agent and use a PC or laptop as an MIB browser. So although you can’t set SNMP traps or informs it is still a valuable learning tool to show the sort of information that can be retrieved and even a few things that can be set on an SNMP agent. 10. Configure Frame Relay In Cisco Router Using Packet Tracer Frame relay is a packet-switching protocol for connecting devices on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Here we are going to show you, how to configure Frame relay in Cisco routers using Cisco Packet Tracker. The Frame relay originally designed for transport across Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) infrastructure, it may be used today in the context of many other network interfaces. Read more about Frame relay on Wikipedia. It’s not all, we will updates this post with fresh new articles related to Packet Tracer CCNA Practical Labs.
  3. Ethical Hacking is Offensive Security course that primarly focus on finding out bugs in Applications or Networks. Learn two courses (of 5) - ETHICAL HACKING & WEB APPLICATION PENETRATION TESTING and Get Certified as InSEC-Techs Certified Ethical Hacker (I|CEH) (White Belt) InSEC-Techs Certified Web Application Penetration Tester (Yellow Belt) Backtrack N' Kali Expertise Course (Orange Belt) Penetration Testing with Metasploit (Green Belt) Computer Forensics ( Blue Belt) Android Penetration Testing (Brown Belt) iOS penetration Testing (Black Belt) (T&C apply for Online Exam Contact InSEC-Techs) What are the requirements? Basic Networking Knowledge would be preferable (Not Necessary) [*]What am I going to get from this course? Over 148 lectures and 32.5 hours of content! You will learn the ART of Hacking. You will learn Windows and Linux You will learn how to dig information about your target system/server/website or Human(Social Engineering) You will learn Tricks , Methods and Technologies to Hack into any target. You will learn Hacking Mobile Phone. You will learn what're the bugs in Web Applications and How websites and servers are Hacked. You will learn how to Hack Networks and Routers. You will master Testing Web Application Security Overall You will become INFORMATION SECURITY EXPERT or in other words, You will become POTENTIAL HACKER. Get Certified as InSEC-Techs Certified Ethical Hacker [ I | CEH ] InSEC-Techs Certified Web Application Penetration Tester [ I | CWAPT ] [*]What is the target audience? Law Enforcement personell Security Auditors PHP, .NET, Java Developers, Netwoking Professionals, Firewall/IDS Specialists CEO's Law Firm Agents Cyber Crime Investigators Security Analysts Anyone with basic Computer knowledge Computer Geeks [Hidden Content]
  4. Over 45 Videos that to teach you practical attacks to test the security of Wi-fi and wired networks from scratch. Notes: This Price is for the 2nd 100 students, so it will go up after the number of students reaches 200. All the videos in this course are downloadable. What are the requirements? Basic IT skills Wi-Fi card (preferably one that supports injection) Kali Linux (can be download for free from [Hidden Content]) What am I going to get from this course? Over 47 lectures and 5 hours of content! 47 detailed videos about practical attacks against Wi-Fi networks A number of practical attacks that can be used without knowing the key to the target network Control connections of clients around you without knowing the password. Gather detailed information about clients and networks like their OS, opened ports ...etc. Crack WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryptions using a number of methods. ARP Spoofing/ARP Poisonning Launch Various Man In The Middle attacks. Gain access to any account accessed by any client in your network. Sniff packets from clients and analyse them to extract important info such as: passwords, cookies, urls, videos, images ..etc. Detect ARP poisoning and protect your self and your network against it. You will be able to use more than 20 penetration testing tools such as ettercap, wireshark, aircrack-ng suit ...etc. Combine individual attacks to launch even more powerful attacks. What is the target audience? Anybody who is interested in learning about network penetration testing Anybody interested into learning how to protect networks from hackers. [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  5. Udemy - Metasploit Extreme on Kali Linux English | .MP4 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 642x360, 30.00 fps® | 499 MB Genre: E-learning The re-engineered Metasploit Framework on Kali linux for Hackers and Penetration testers Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world's largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the Vulnerability of computer systems in order to protect them and on the other hand it can also be used to break into remote systems. Its a powerful tool used for penetration testing. In clear and short words, If you interested in words like security, Hacking, exploits etc, then this is a must series for you. More Info [Hidden Content]
  6. his Certified Ethical Hacker v8.0 video training course with James Conrad covers how to legally protect against hacker security breaches, including virtualization, reconnaissance, footprinting, social engineering, scanning, sniffing, cryptography, and more. Recommended skills: Familiarity with Windows of all versions back to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Familiarity with Linux is not necessary but recommended (a video early in the course provides basic Kali Linux training that is sufficient for the learner to complete the course) Recommended equipment: Whatever equipment is being used to view the videos (except a smartphone or tablet) is sufficient to create a basic lab environment in which the learner can mirror demonstrations in the videos. This would also require installation of any virtualization software such as Parallels, VMware, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox. High-speed internet is recommended to download Kali Linux and some of the additional tools. Related certifications: Related job functions: Network Administrator Systems Administrator Systems Engineer Help Desk [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi This is a collection of short Hacking video tutorials. Please share and use for educational purposes. ├───Access Injection ├───Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Ile Sql Injektion ├───Admin Data Disclosure ├───ASP Access Database Security ├───Blind (Kör) Xss ├───Blind injection ├───Chmod Security Admin Bilgisizligi ├───Config Key Bug ├───cPanel Brute Force ├───cPanel Cron Jobs ByPass & Backconnect (Priv8) ├───Cros Site Scripting (Xss) Bulma ├───DarkMySQLi Kullanimi ├───e107 Plugin Image Gallery SQL Injection ├───FALSE SQL INJECTION - ONUR TÜRKESHAN ├───FlashBlog Bug Fix Video (beta0.31) ├───Havij Ile SQL Injection ├───Hedef Scriptte LFI Tespiti ├───Hedef Scriptte RFI Tespiti ├───Hedef Scriptte XSS Tespiti ├───Hedef Sitede SQL Injection Tespiti ├───Linux CGI-Telnet ile ByPass & Rooting ├───Linux php.ini ile ByPass & Rooting ├───Linux Server Rooting & Defacing ├───Linux Sunucu Güvenligi - Onur TÜRKESHAN ├───LKS WIN Veri Tabani Geri Yükleme ├───LKS WIN Veri Tabani Yedek Alma ├───Local File Inclusion ├───MD5 Hash Brute Force Exploit Video ├───Microsoft Source Code Analyzer ├───Ms Access SQL Injection Kolon Sayisi Bulma ├───Mssql Unclosed Add Meta ├───Mssql Unclosed Update ├───Mssql Unclosed Veri Çekme │ └───ExploitSQL ├───MySQL Front Kurulumu ├───MySQL injection ├───Mysql Sql Injektion Kolon Sayisini Ögrenme ├───Mysql Sql Injektion Mysql Userden Veri Cekme ├───Post Method Javascript Injektion ├───Post Method Sql Injektion ├───postgre sql injection ├───Remote Admin Change Password ├───Remote File Upload ├───Remote File Inclusion ├───Script Insertion ├───Script Üzerinde Xss Bulma Manuel Olarak ├───Scriptte Bütün Buglarin Tespiti ├───Search Engine Ile Database Yolu Bulma ├───Server Lister Kurulumu ├───Snort Ile Sunucu Güvenligi - Onur TÜRKESHAN ├───Sql injection temel ├───Sql injection'a giris ├───SQL Injektion Admin Bypass ├───SQLMap Kullanimi ├───TDS SERVER ATTACK RAPORU - ONUR TÜRKESHAN ├───Web Sitesi Üzerinde Xss Bulma ├───Xss Fixleme For (ASP) - (PHP) ├───Xss Html Injektion └───XSS SHELL ANLATIMI - ONUR TÜRKESHAN [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: onevatan.com enjoy it.
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    How does it Work? Whether you are studying for your first networking exam or building out a state-wide telecommunications network, GNS3 offers an easy way to design and build networks of any size... without the need for hardware. Plus, we have a growing community of over 2 million network pros who share ideas and product reviews, support each other through discussions and how-to's, and provide a great spot for companies to engage with the pros who control their spend on network hardware and software. Download direct link [hide][Hidden Content]]
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