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  1. I hope there's a solution, btw I can download the courses from any host very fast and re-upload to mega
  2. It's my first time to see the post hope you or anyone can re-upload and I will make multiple uploads backup ones on mega for future.
  3. if you can share the courses from your mega privately with me I'll import to my account and then share it for the public from MY account?! Please if you can mate, I hope ..
  4. Greetings, I've no idea where exactly to share an AWS from INE course [req]. I hope this is the most right place so please can anyone share this course. [Hidden Content] Many thanks in Advance.
  5. Brother it's an old school downloading from the site AS I THINK Guys who imported it can any one re-share to ALLOW us to import to our Accounts please would you mind share it again? or send me private links to your backup and I'll re-share for others? please
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