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  1. is there any other platform .. specific for Oracle Cloud Discussion about dumps? 1Z0-1067 I am still looking for these dumps
  2. Hi Folks, I am looking for assistance if any member can share (or direct) to the dump files for following Oracle Exams: Autonomous Database Specialist Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional (1Z0-997)
  3. Hi Firas could you share your confg @ R51, R50, R14 & R15 I shall also try to check by creating similar scenario on VM
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question; in ticket#4, there is a condition: DoNT touch BGP Attributes and use R21-GLOBLASP3 as Exit Path to reach AS65004. So is it not a voilation of condition to remove "Extcommunity cost" attribute by giving below command: bgp bestpath cost-community ignore? As i have been checking through available VM and still can reach the objective of Ticket4, by just manipulating R20 Interface lo0 through OSPF Cost and not touching any BGP attribute (R20 or anywhere)?
  5. Hi First of all Congratulations. I have been thinking about the Ticket#10 which is also in SPOTO Solution as below: (Please try to recall if you faced similar config or different)? Server2#sh run | s line vty 0 4 line vty 0 4 access-class 1 in password cisco login transport input telnet Server2#sh run | s access access-list 1 permit access-list 1 permit access-list 1 permit is IP address used from NAT at R24/R25 ip nat outside source static Format: Ip nat outside source static outsideLOCAL outsideGLOBAL This outsideGLOBAL ip add can be found from R24/R25 BGP Table. 2nd Q: Can you explain a little more about TICKET#4 FAULT:2; how much cost value did you use for R20-interface lo0 and was it asked that dont touch to BGP attribute to solve in this Question?
  6. In Spoto/C4C solutions; We have redistribution of OSPF Routes into BGP at R12/R13/R22/R23. Is it same in real lab and even then we need to advertise Networks at those routers (R12/R13/R22/R23)?? 2nd Q: if we increase ospf cost to 1000 at R20 -Interface lo0; it can work if we ping/traceroute from Server 1 to Large Office. But does it work if we ping/traceroute from R41 to Server 2 IP Address?
  7. Please add me as well.. Booked lab for next month already
  8. Pls contact me if anyone prepared for LAB exam within one month. I have booked for next month and want to have group discussions about all labs. Like final touch. So pls pm me with your contact info.
  9. But this form does not allow to share any skype or Mobile Number ANYways, if there is a way to connect.. count me in...
  10. Please inbox me as well.. INTERESTED to Re-Attempt LAB
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