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  1. I've just read on Juniper page that during 2020 they will introduce new 6 hour JNCIE exam. So if anyone is planing to take current JNCIE-SP hurry up. Probably they had it ready, I mean 8 version but because of shorting everything they postponed introduction a little bit. JNCIE-ENT will be changed second time in two year timeframe.
  2. For some reason I can not put both yours usernames as a recipient name Could you start conversation please?
  3. Hi Is there anybody out there close to exam dates so we can talk about few things? Some mail/skype groups? Or anybody that can share some experience? Please, send a private message Best regards
  4. I was talking about 220Q. I didn't see anything new.
  5. Like rumshot has already said, partially. Regards
  6. I've learned using cisco books and documentations and of course by work, as I've plenty of this kind of tasks, and at the end I've reviewed this last dump. For every topic I've deeped into documentation. You can also use vceguide, they have some corrections for this dump, but better to do this alone. Good lack on your try. Regards
  7. Hi R2013 Nice to hear from you again Regards
  8. peter4321

    VCP6-NV 2V0-641

    Do you have any new updates on the exam?
  9. Hi Anyone has some current training materials for these two topics? Best regards
  10. Hi dump 220q is not enough If you want to pass, you have to study hard or wait for new dumps. Around 50% of questions are new
  11. So, I suppose that you have passed Do you remember any new questions?
  12. btw, on rs forum I saw that they have changed questions lately, hope it doesn't come in pairs
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