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  1. Any one know that how many breaks are available in the TS1 anyconnect TASK.. I have solution of XYZ and there we have to create XML profile from scratch and upload anyconnect.. By the way what I heard that we have to enable webvpn, no shut interface, Fqdn and Username.. nothing else.. rest of everything is preconfigured.. Need suggestions from those who attempted recently..
  2. hey Rahul, your are right.. i dont know how he failed but he said that because of interfaces... btw i have some questions... In FMC there are 2 ACL pre-configured.. what should we do with those two or in real lab there are no preconfigured ACL's. how to save config on access point? Also in TS some of vendors are providing extra config and breaks..like creating XML profiles and uploading the anyconnect image..on both firewalls and then testing vpn from both.. Is it required in TS? or the Anyconect TS provided by you is enough?
  3. I heard that in dubai there are difference in interfaces and it vary rack to rack.. Which racks or seat numbers are those and what is the difference of interfaces? One of my friend failed in dubai due to interfaces...
  4. Any new updates related to Dubai?? How many TS are active in dubai? what about the Daig? Any new daig??
  5. Can you share his info with me in PM.
  6. Who booked lab on 23rd sep in DXB?
  7. Kindly message me if you are going for LAB in Dubai .
  8. yesterday one of my friend got new daig in dubai... 2++++ really exists...
  9. there are no seats free... thats why it is appearing in amber color. Free seat will appear in green color.
  10. I have a reserved seat in November.. I can give to you.. I will drop it very soon.. I need lab seat in last week of August or first week of September.
  11. The issue is when you uninstall the AMP, You would be asked for restart the PC, So just restart it. and it will come up again.
  12. There is no TS2 in Dubai.. Recently my two friends appeared in Dubai for CCIE Security, Both of them got Config 1, TS1, and one got Daig 2++ and another got 2.. There is no mix daig & TS2 in Dubai ,All are rumors. Also they faced some new issues related to AMP like there is one AMP already installed on candidate PC.
  13. Dear All, I am not able to PM anyone, Please find a way. How we can move forward...?
  14. Dear All. I hope you all are doing well, I am looking for members feedback and update who recently appeared & will appear in future for CCIE Security LAB exam in Dubai I'm looking for LAB update (Ts, Diag,Config Issues) and people who wants to appear in Dubai, will join the topic so we'll discuss about the prep and pro's and con's. Your participation will be appreciated. Thanks, Regards, Cisco Champion
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