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  1. I don't think keygens exist for these. There was a keygen in the works but I haven't heard about it in months. You can however find a permanent key for NSX by searching in this forum for "NSX", there is an NSX Enterprise Key and Enterprise Plus key available.
  2. @Fitox Could you reupload the license key files for UEM and App Volumes? Thank you very much!
  3. Hi, I'm urgently looking for the license key files (.key / .lic) for - VMware App Volumes and - VMware User Environment Manager (UEM) The file names are: VMware_App_Volumes_Production_License_v214.key VMware-UEM-9.3.0-GA.lic These had been shared here previously but all the links (mega) are now dead. Does anyone still have these and could re-upload them please? (They are generic license files, not fixed to any customer, available to download in the My VMware download section for anyone who has bought them, so I'm surprised they are so hard to find.) Thank you very much for any help!! Julia
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