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  1. @raj1505 hi Raj would highly appreciate if you can re share all the CCNP Security writeups....will be highly beneficial for all..... Thanks in advance !!
  2. @raj1505 can you please upload CLCOR, CLACCM, CLICA, CLCEI, CLAUTO again. None of the links are currently available. Will be highly appreciated... Thanks in advance!!
  3. you tha man @Deathdodger thanks for the great share!!
  4. Ok so KB Learn has the SD-WAN and SD-Acess along with loads of other material for $99.....hopefully some kind soul will buy and share the videos...
  5. So in the video that Khawar shared he has SD Access and SD-WAN.....if someone can easily afford the content please share here...if the content is not downloadable you can try a couple of tricks to download from the developer section of the website and if not last resort to capture the screen and audio using faststone capture or snagit....let me know if I can help
  6. can someone please post the magnet link....when i download the torrent the size is 0kb and i am unable to open it in any of the torrent clients...
  7. its hard to believe that no one has been able to post the zoom recordings for SD-WAN and SD-Access course from Khawar Butt.....has he stopped allowing students to record the course? Even if that is the case you can record you entire screen with audio using software like snagit and Faststone capture...... Waiting for someone kind enough to post the videos.... Thanks in advance!!
  8. hi @k1k1 the last time i tried to download a video from INE i just used a browser flash video downloader plug in
  9. if you look at the Exam topics 25% is dedicated to Software Defined Infrastructure which is SDA+SDN.....additionally if you check out the VM's list 1. CSR1000v have Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Release 16.12 2. Cisco SD-WAN (vManage, vBond, vSmart, vEdge) Software Release 18.4 3. Cisco DNA Center Release 1.3.1 4. Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.6 That means be ready to spend 1/4 of your time in the lab configuring SDA and SDWAN......I can say that the first few labs will go easy on SDA and SDWAN and Programmability.....but its most definitely going to be a significant part of your lab exam.....
  10. can anyone post these videos please......Thanks in advance!!
  11. yea he has started a new class with SD-WAN and SD-Access....also recently octa networks completed a SD-WAN course maybe someone can post recordings for that course? They have also started a SD-Access course
  12. This isn’t a link it’s a magnet link to be used in a bit torrent client like utorrent or deluge...
  13. do all the videos have some sort of video frame rate issue where there is a noticeable difference when transitioning from one frame to the other...the audio is fine though.......just wanted to see if it was only me or if others are noticing the same issue with these videos....... many thanks to the original uploader......
  14. like mentioned by @jaggajatt this is probably VMware's best kept secret but i have done this course and its again very basic with access to hands on labs, but it gets you a tick for the instructor led training and they also gave me 70% discount on the foundation and the VCP-DCV exam. Here are a few of the community colleges that offer the vsphere 6.7 - Install, Configure and Manage, vSphere Optimize and Scale. Due to their popularity there might be a waitlist. These are just a few of the ones that offer the vSphere ICM, the entire list can be found on VMware IT academy's website. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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