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  1. thanks ezarik...one question can I book any date for exam at Richardson?
  2. guys do we need this 3 lines ! access-list 102 permit ip ip nat pool L2LVPNNAT netmask ip nat inside source list 102 pool L2LVPNNAT overload ! in Spoto those 3 lines are missing
  3. hello PRASHANTM435, are you following Spoto solution for H3?
  4. congrates grqq.... plz share the files or link.....
  5. congrates..... can you plz explain lil bit this statement "use this command : spanning mst simulate pvst global. the preconfig with "no"."
  6. We have only 8 months, after that i think no more H2 or H3. Let's discuss any solid strategy or plan for H3 lab.
  7. I am preparing CCIE-R&S for next year, February, but Cisco' announcement forced me to change my plan. In my country I have 3 mobile lab dates: July, October and February 26. Now i have two options October mobile lab or USA Richardson. Regarding USA Richardson, can I book my exam anyday before Feburary? I will appreciate your comments
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