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  1. Hi @Deathdodger As usual many thanks for your kind support , could u support to share the mega link of Comptia A+ (CBT-Nuggets)? many thanks BR///Kurd
  2. Hi @Deathdodger Thank you very much for your kind support , do you have exam question by any chance ? Kurd
  3. Dears Please could you update and share the Mega link ? appreciate that . BR//Kurd
  4. Guys please , anyone can confirm those dumps above to pass ?
  5. Hi Guys, Does any one passed with that dumps ? thanks for input
  6. @dlewis7780 Could you please share the dump ?we can discuss and select the correct answer
  7. @ dlewis7780 , please we appreciate your feedback and share the file . big thanks
  8. please is there any GB for Security written ?
  9. please i appreciate if someone have 101q file to share , thanks
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