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  1. Anyone has access to books for RHEL8 and/or RH415? Please upload Comprehensive review and table of contents of these books.
  2. I'm not quite sure if this is the only solution. The exam states that the l33t.org domain is so firewall filter is also ok in this situation. The same situation is with the iscsi - limit access to iscsi for one particular host. You can do it using ACL on targetcli or limit the access to iscsi port for only one host. I know that few tasks can be resolved in different ways - that's why I need to look at the grading script.
  3. Don't use vbox - use VMware player or ESXi + VCSA.
  4. I'm looking for the script because I'm not sure how they grade the tasks - e.g. restrict ssh access: should I use firewall, /etc/hosts.allow|deny, sshd_config and so on.
  5. I hope that maybe someone has this stuff
  6. manofring : this is not exam lab grading script. This is a script only for a labs from 254.
  7. Please upload to mega or other file service.
  8. Says guy with 0 posts, 0 shares ...
  9. @lakersssss where did u get these 48 questions? In all PDF files there are no additional questions.
  10. Said man with the l33t nickname
  11. I found that too but we should look for the files from my previous post.
  12. There are two files for vqnx: vqfx10k-pfe vqfx10k-re I suppose that both are in img format so please look for them - I couldn't find them
  13. Hi guys. Please share the student and the lab guide for course U8630S Enterprise Linux Security Administration from HPE (formerly HP) Thank you.
  14. @rose87 Do you have student guides for HP Linux or HP-UX courses? And thank you for the networking guides.
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