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  1. It wasn't better to at least mention from which trainer/institute/company .... SANS you mean ?
  2. Multi thread connection for download and resume capability is being given ! awesome
  3. Could you explain little bit more please Did you get 1 thread connection ? did you try with IDM ? I think torrent can't solve because many users tend to upload to the site such as gofile we should seek to investigate what have happened to gofile site ! Maybe it could be fine to send Mail to support team , in case if exist behind the site ! Gofile has a top SEO so many users upload therein . Finding solutions always better than Finding alternative solution/Path
  4. If you could split it to multiple parts I think it is better , this is huge volume 12 GB ! It is consumed lot of BW and If stop at any percentage as gofile is given just 1 thread for connection it is not logical to get
  5. @drunkmonk Hi , Do you know what have happened to gofile.io ? It gives just 1 thread connection for download without resume capability , multiple time I've been trying , still stop at 50-60% of downloading !
  6. mi0

    AWAE 2019 PDF

    Thanks But for later , please mention this is offer or Req topic . Regards
  7. mi0

    firepower series

    It's better to mention that what trainer company you are sharing thanks
  8. Hello CCIE DC needs real devices , so first point I have to mention you which is crucial for you is, you couldn't rent a powerful Server with 48 cores, 100 GB RAM and etc ....and build your own scenario . I know a rack for previous version which many had used them as well,but now it is canceled its service. There are a few good online rack , but mu suggestion to you is wait until everything get stable.
  9. From Narbik's training you mean?
  10. Hi So there is a Lab 3.0 edition also and Lab 1.0
  11. Scott Morris is one the rare top notch expert in the Global without any doubt I surely can say there are very very very few persons over the world like him
  12. Publisher : Mercury Learning & Information March 2018 [hide][Hidden Content]] NO Password
  13. @sallywallyThe server encountered an error , therefore no possible to view view not longer available
  14. Be polite please , otherwise your account would be reported
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