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  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone have experience with 447 Exam. Some reviews on complexity or hints for exam are highly appreciated.
  2. @LinuxRH005 Do you have a student book? Can you share it?
  3. @yousifff Did you have a chance to try instructions above. If that didn't work, i think guys from this forum can help.
  4. @yousifff i would really appreciate if you can share. @CiscoWhoIsCo has provided instructions. I use Foxit Phantom PDF + AutoIT: On the "View" tab, select "Single page" and "Zoom -> Fit to page" modes. That way, all watermarks will be in the same position. On the "Edit" tab, press "Select" and the "Edit Object" buttons. Move a mouse cursor over a watermark. "Left click" to select watermark -> "Del" to delete it -> "PgDown" to move on a next page. Repeat until the end of a book, automate step 4 using your favorite tool, like the mentioned above AutoIT. I use this script, but you can write your own, it's really easy: WinActivate("[CLASS:classFoxitPhantom]", "") Sleep (1000) ; number of pages to process For $i = 1 To 640 ; find coordinates by AutoIT Window Info app, on page 'Mouse' MouseClick ("left", 660, 710) Sleep (100) Send ("{DEL}") Sleep (100) Send ("{PGDN}") Sleep (500) Next
  5. @manofring Do you have access to rh415 resources ?
  6. Huge thank you. @RHELstudent By any chance you can share ex415 student pdf ?
  7. @v0rt3x Any luck with getting student guide ?
  8. I was looking for same. But seems like no one has a pdf to share. I am using this so far: [Hidden Content] . Hope you would have more luck
  9. That is completely clear, to ask an official pdf would be dumb from my side. I was asking for something like was shared in this doc: [Hidden Content]
  10. yousifff can you please share the rh415 book in a NON-official-pdf format. Like a few other courses were shared here
  11. @TuPadre Any Chance you can get the ex415 "counce pdf" in a way you can? Would really appreciate!
  12. Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security (Exam EX415) Prep Course [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  13. Hello guys, can anyone download: Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security (Exam EX415) Prep Course [Hidden Content] Huge thank you
  14. Can anyone reupload DO405, thanks!
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