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  1. use the 4shared link it is still active.
  2. I agree with UldisD on these.. using cloud like amazon add another exposure to your real identity which help cisco easily identify you.. Except if your not concern of being strips of your current cisco certification and ban for life from cisco..
  3. added 4shared mirror link...
  4. it is only downloadable via a browser and it has capcha for automation detection...
  5. fix broken links and added video on how to create a click-able diagram
  6. This is just closing the thread not removing or deleting the thread.... closing it so no one could reply ang bump the thread but the information are still there and searchable.
  7. Well this is just a suggestion.. and i don't purposely open old thread but it is somewhat poluting the forum which putting it up on the top list of the forum thread and if the thread title is not clear enough you could open it up and wasting your time. anyway if you see this as inappropriate suggestion you could always close my thread.
  8. Yes.. but there are still people reply to topic such as these [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] and it is being bump...
  9. These would be topic related to exam not the technology part.
  10. Hey Guy's, I would like a suggestion if it would be okay to close the topic related to CCIE-RSv4 so we could focus more on v5. Note: My Suggestion are just to close the thread not removing it or deleting the thread.. Its purpose was to prevent someone from bumping old thread. it would still be searchable.
  11. Congrats... by the way.. i believe you are providing too much information which would enable cisco to trace you with ease.. we don't want to be decertifide..
  12. you could always install it on any linux distribution.. the one shared here are on Centos Distro with the GUI installed. you could install the iou-web package from - for Redhat based [Hidden Content] - for Debian based - [Hidden Content] but before you could succesfully run the iou you need to generate the iourc (license) i believe you could find the license generator on the forum...
  13. Hi I believe you misundertood me.. i was asking notccie to share his copy due to the way he reply he certainly has that file.
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