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  1. Hi! Before getting in Privileged Exec mode on the Router R9 (enable mode) you can already perform many show commands except show run. At least I am able to. In the real exam this is probably not possible indeed. So there you should get the information from the diagrams included.
  2. You can avoid using deny statements by creating 2 separate access-lists, one for the permitted traffic (with all permit statements) and one for the denied ttl 0/1 traffic (also with all permit statements), create 2 class-maps (one for the allowed), referring to the first access-list and the other for the ttl 0/1 traffic, referring to the 2nd access-list. Finally in the policy map, you refer to both classes, the allowed class you leave empty (which means that is permitted), and the second ttl class you drop. With this approach you achieve the same, but without deny statements.
  3. Hi! Yes, you can find the IPv6 address of the neighboring router R14. Just replace the last :2 with :1 (this is also indicated in the topology diagram). So the correct address is: 2001:CC:1E:8BAD:149::1. Alternative way is to give a show ipv6 int brief on R9 and find the matching address.
  4. Dear CCI, I try to use the VM, but it seems that the username/password has been changed. Could you please share it with us? thank you. Regards, Marc
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