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  1. @Kennytk Why sad ? You can still download this content and don't forget to thanks to the original up-loader.
  2. Greetings of the day !!! Subject - Missing 7.0 - DEEP DIVES Videos - INE CCIE - Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 Please anybody upload INE CCIE - Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 DEEP DIVE section which is 7th section in INE video tutorial. Special Thanks to @Deathdodger and other member for sharing whole tutorial but unfortunately i was unable to download whole series due to some internet issue.
  3. Dear Deathdodger; Looks like Link has been expired so please can you update it ? Thank you so much & Much appreciated for your efforts !!!
  4. Hello Networking champs, I hope all of you doing very well in the toughest period of Lockdown. I would like to know which laptop or desktop or server is best for ccie lab at Home , I mean what configuration should it be. My doubts are regarding : Processor brand intel or AMD ? Ryzen 7 or i7 ? 6 cores or 8 cores processors 16 GB or 32 GB RAM ? SSD ? and what about graphics card ? Please provide your suggestion and input. Thanks a lot !!!
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