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  1. Managed to get part 1-3 before mshare crapped out... Anyone that has it all, can we get a mega or torrent?
  2. Im downloading now but Im having 28k flashbacks.
  3. v3x

    Sektor7 Courses

    There's a few seeding it atm. Im leaving it on for a while so you should be able to get it. Alternatively, I added the Priv Esc course to mega (thanks to the original sharer!) Password: [Hidden Content] Mega: [Hidden Content]
  4. v3x

    Sektor7 Courses

    Same, Ive had the torrent running for 2 weeks stuck at 96%. That's the one course of the bundle I am really interested in and also the one that is incomplete.
  5. The lab files (e.g. USB) as well as a ton of other stuff are available from this [Offer] 1TB of InfoSec Resources Ranging from SANS to Blackhat to Conference to Tools.
  6. Lol... Imagine the content of a Malware Dev course having malware or malware signatures... I also hear the Pentester courses contain PUP/Malware like the nefarious Netcat and Nmap! /s Any chance you got the full Privilege Escalation course? Been sitting at 54.63% forever trying to get it. Thanks.
  7. Wtf, what trackers are you using that have 4 seeders??? I have like 150 trackers and notta one has a seeder!
  8. v3x


    Darn! Its already down.
  9. v3x

    eLS ptp v5

    Here you go bud! Link: [Hidden Content] Password: [Hidden Content] I created two zips for you... One with everything and one with just the slides. The full course may still be uploading though, says its going to take an hour.
  10. For anyone interested, its currently 100% for Malware Dev, but only 54% for Priv Esc in Windows and 49% for Win Persistence. But there are a few videos in the latter that are 100%.
  11. Any chance you got ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)?
  12. ??? The complete torrent is only 10.48GB. Although, there is currently a peer with 91%. Im hoping its the 91% I want... I could do without persistence.
  13. Awesome! This has some of the newer SANS that I cannot get because that torrent no seeders. Haven't looked through it all yet but the [Hidden Content] is from 2019!
  14. Took less than 2 minutes to download. Might want to check that your torrents arent killing your connection.
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