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  1. Hi Guys, We are based on the wonderful this cc forum, but couldn't get the people who works in Docker & K8s. We created the Telegram group for Docker & K8s - to exchange the info ASAP. If anyone is looking for Docker & K8s - Join with this link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Hi Buddy, If possible, can you please share the below file? [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi Buddy, Can you get AWS Professional Solution Architect [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance.
  4. AWS Professional Architect Exam dump please.
  5. Hi, I already shared the Telegram group link. Please join and be active. This study group is NOT active now.
  6. Hi, There is a active Telegram group for AWS Knowledge and Exam prep. There are people who cleared AWS Cert in this group. Caution: Only active members are allowed in this group. [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi, How did you open the vce files? Have you purchased the VCE engine?
  8. Hi, If you would like to pass this exam, it's always recommended to buy this course.
  9. No more free trial from Linux Academy? Do you find anything?
  10. Hi Buddy, It's very good idea. But send the invite only to the known people (Ask them to send their number through PM)
  11. There are few topics are added as per the new requirement and users feedback. So you need to learn few more topics.
  12. Hi Buddy, If possible, could you please upload this? [Hidden Content]
  13. Hi Buddy, Indian edition already exists with them. I am sure, you won't get lesser than what they sell now?
  14. Nope for me. Updated cracxer exe throws very famous "xxxxx.exe has stopped working" error while trying to extract the files.
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