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  1. Hi CCIE Gurus, Is it possible to copy configs during TS section onto notepad and use them later during config section? In particular to CCIE Security Lab, Can I copy VPN configs from TS and use it later for configs? Thanks, JS
  2. spoto and 591labs have good solutions but my recommendation is to create your own solution by going through all of them. There are many people who have simplified topologies and solution e.g., Rahul Solution, passsecuritylabs etc.
  3. Hi Gurus, Can you please recommend me best software/tools (Free/Paid) for cracking/unlocking documents (PDFs) locked by dumps vendors (e.g. Spoto, 591 etc)? Thanks, B/r, JS
  4. Yes I can see slots in HK, Tokyo but its not possible for everyone to fly to some other country and it costs a lot as well. I am based in Melbourne so I was planning to appear in Sydney.
  5. Hi Experts, (Need your advice) I am trying to book for CCIE Security Lab Exam however I am unable to find any available date? I have looked for next 6 months but the calendar isn't showing any available date. What should I do in such a situation? Regards, JS
  6. @ kukoshakaku Yes this is the one by Christian Matei.
  7. @vivektech2003 I bought them from 591 and all my 100questions in exam were exactly same and I didn't get any question out of this file.
  8. Just an update that the dumps are still stable. I passed the exam an hour ago. I didn't get any new questions. You can download my 100Q dumps file here: [Hidden Content] Thanks, JS
  9. Hi All, Please find below the latest CCIE Security 400-251 written dumps file. I have passed the exam today so these dumps are stable. Not a single question came out of it for me. [Hidden Content] Best of Luck. Kind Regards, JS
  10. Yes I have noticed that all the videos are not uploaded. I will upload it again and will post link. Thanks for informing.
  11. Please find below download link to INE CCIE v5 Advanced Technologies Videos. [Hidden Content] Kind Regards, JS
  12. File not found. Both links aren't working. Can you please upload it again?
  13. Please find below link to download CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS Videos. [Hidden Content] Thanks, JS
  14. Please find below link to download CCNP Security 300-209 SIMOS Videos. [hide][Hidden Content]] Thanks JS Make use of hide tag while posting download links. Read board rules. Usage: [ hide] link [ /hide] (without spaces)
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