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  1. Can you kindly share them as the link shared earlier has been broken.
  2. Thank you so much. I am surely appearing in the coming week then and will share my experience here. Do you happen to have the 130Q dumps as well?
  3. Can someone else also confirm the validity. I plan on giving it in the next week.
  4. Hi All! Has anyone been able to grab their hands on a good version of this book?
  5. Anyone has dumps who passed recently?
  6. Has someone been able to get their hands on a book with a much better print?
  7. Hi All, If someone has seen these complete videos can they share their opinion as well?
  8. Can anybody confirm the validity of this dump?
  9. Thank you for the clarification. Will hit this forum again once it has been released.
  10. Is the above file still valid or have the questions changed?
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