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  1. What information are the seller looking for from buyer to proceed with the purchase? And what information/assistance you need from community?
  2. @CiscoTree any update ? need any help from this commmnity to proceed to next step? Thanks,
  3. @CiscoTree, I'm with you. Let me know if you need anything from my side.
  4. we need to follow group purchase rules. Can someone reach out to site admin and ask about the group purchase process. Thanks,
  5. I agree. someone with elevated access must reach out to admin and ask about GB process.
  6. Hello Everyone, So far we have 15 folks interested in both [ISE & WLC 9800] and 3 folks only for ISE. Now we need to come up with the plan for purchase. How to collect money and deliver materials and who will make a purchase. Any idea? Let me know your thoughts guys. Note: Updated list attached. 1. ISE 3.0 (18 folks) = $18.27 2. WLC (both) (15 folks) = $35.86 Thanks, GB- CertCollection Purchase.xlsx
  7. @stanislas, since you already purchased the bundle. Did you purchase both [WLC & ISE]? Are you planning to share with these group? So we can come up with the plan which will benefit everyone. Or anyone have better plan to make this happen. Thanks.
  8. Hello Everyone, We have almost 19 folks who are interested in this thread for group purchase. some are opted for both training [WLC (Basic & Adv) & ISE 3.0] and some for only ISE 3.0. I have attached spreadsheet with all the interested names who replied in this thread feel free to add names and update the info. It will makes life easier for purchaser for more visibility. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, GB- CertCollection Purchase.xlsx
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