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  1. could you share corrections
  2. hey man could you share en auto 300-435, thank you
  3. I hear you bro. concern is if any question come here there then atleast we are prepared we have right answers. but 88x is good score because i think 825 is passing
  4. are you planning to give exam ? if yes can we correct answers ?
  5. good one . do you know how to extract as pdf file from safaribooksonline ?
  6. cleared with real two days ago, test 102 questions, approx 85 - 90 from real. rest new as mentioned here remember UCS d&d, subnet and sha256 question.
  7. Not accessible due to Tos/AUP violation
  8. when did your friend give the exam ??? some gave last friday and informed real is enough to pass
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