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  1. What year are these materials for?
  2. I want this tools and Ninjutsu OS . Please share these tools Thank you very much
  3. I used original title in the mentioned channel. anyway , I would like to see new versions of this software such as NetSparker and WebInspector and ...
  4. Can anyone share this toolkit from a telegram channel ?
  5. Very Thanks can you share windows 0day OS ?
  6. yeah . only admins can do it anyway very thank you
  7. Thank you If you can please your course in [Hidden Content]
  8. I can't stand it until tomorrow Thank you
  9. Thank you very much for your kindness Can you share Cyber Core Operation ( CCO) and Cyber Protection Professional ( CPP) from Chiron ?
  10. guys, I really need this course. Please be generous and upload this course again I will really be grateful to you
  11. dear nothing1 can you upload it again ? please
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