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  1. Looking for CBT nuggets videos for CCNA dev associate can any1 share
  2. add me to this group, same ID in skype
  3. scores half , less than half on each section. Not sure if the problem is on the site of the exam
  4. changes as in the latest CFG2++ but old question on 2.1 auto-discovery alone.
  5. Failed with the changes and the outputs on the lab recently. I am not sure if the answers were wrong or the questions were incorrect
  6. Can any1 share the dumps of the above or let me know the best vendor for the matierials
  7. Looking for TS variations and workgroup. If any one can share or help in any way.. would be awesome
  8. another post to activate PM
  9. Looking for study groups. Can any1 add me to any existing group if any
  10. Add me to the group. exam in jan
  11. Interested in joining the group, can anyone add me.. same ID for skype
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