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  1. Hi Netexpert, Than you very much. I got 965 just today. I followed the corrections I added earlier. Thank you
  2. Hi netxpert, For Which TLS version(s) are supported by Webex Teams applications? A. TLS versions 1.1 and 1.2 only B. TLS version 1.2 only C. Webex Teams does not support TLS D. TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 only Is it safe to choose B? Since [Hidden Content] says that only TLS version 1.2 is allowed? Which endpoint comes with a display, camera, and codec? A. Webex Room 70 G2 B. Cisco Webcam 20000 C. Room Kit Plus D. iPad Correct Answer: should be A with display Which platform creates and manages Webex customer trials? A. Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) B. Control Hub C. any third-party SaaS program D. Webex Board Correct Answer: A I saw this in demo dumps but it still says CCW, currently trials creation and management is done in Control Hub. We have a lot of customer trials done in the height of the quarrantine.
  3. Anyone took the exam recently? May I ask if it is still valid? I'm taking the exam on July 10. I am now doubting the lead2pass dumps since the dumps by Omar have many questions not present in my lead2pass dump that claims it was updated July 3.
  4. Hi guys, I recently passed the exam last June 7 thursday and got 900 points. I used lead4pass (bought) dumps. Hope this helps. There were a number of questions questions not included in the dumps, below are the best that I can remember: What uses robbed bit signalling? CCS CAS <- Searched this maybe the answer FXO FXS Default duration of Cisco Unity Message (not sure) or Voice Mail?
  5. Hi everyone. Can someone help me pass this online exam? I used the dumps from roboexams.net but unfortunately I still failed. I only got 720, 790 was the score to pass. Please help me answer the question correctly. Many of the answers in the dumps appeared to be wrong, the exam was exactly like the dumps except for one question. The drag and drop items were just a little different because the choices were scrambled but overall it was the same as the dumps. Here is the link of the dumps I used. Please anyone help me! [Hidden Content]
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