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  1. @MinhLuu can you tell me if you had an environment for SAN(FC/FCOE etc) ?
  2. I would wait a little more because there videos dosn`t covers all the chapters.
  3. @nikjaza sorry to hear that. What materials did you used for studying?
  4. Hey, @qqc i programed the exam in march. I started learning from the OCG but also have the videos from INE with CCIE DC V3. For labs i will use EVE with nexus ... can you share you materials/path used for getting the cert? Thx!
  5. Hello, Yes i pass it by the limit. No dumps. I relied on the fact that i`m working with ACI and the last 4 months of learning.
  6. Hello, i had the exam last week. I used for learning : - the OCG from 2017 or 2016 - Lab Minutes videos - labs from dcloud - played with the sandbox
  7. Hi ! I didn`t have it yet because i postponed it. Hopefully this month i will take the exam . I will come back with a feedback .
  8. Hello! Did anyone toked the exam recently ? Any heads up/tip&tricks?
  9. Has anyone did the exam in recently? I have my exam on 9th of October.
  10. ciobanus

    ACI on Eve-ng

    i`ve added on the ESXI and it works
  11. How many questions did you had , and what is the passing score @naruto1983
  12. ciobanus

    ACI on Eve-ng

    you can`t add cisco ACI on EVE NG .
  13. The dumps are not valid. Thx.
  14. Hello, I`ve passed the CCNP ENCOR . You can`t pass the exam only with the dumps . I`ve used : - OCG - labs from NetAcad - played with the SandBoxes from SD-WAN and DNA CENTER - INE video for new topics - ITproTV for reviewing the materials - i have a WLC in my network and looked on every tab an every thing that i thought it`s important - read all the Design Guides for SDN - for automation i`m already working with some network scripts in my network Hello,
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