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  1. Tutorial worked I was able to get it to show correctly via VMWare and even connect to it. Followed the tutorial mentioned on eve-ng's documentation website to get it integrated with eve. Having issues getting the node to connect within eve after converting it to a .qcow2 image. Any suggestions on how to get the licensed ISE to work with eve ? I thought i might just connect my internal network to a management node within eve to get it to work. Any and all suggestions are definitely appreciated. Edit: Got it working. Despite the eve website saying to name the qcow file virtioa.qcow2 i named it hda.qcow2 and was able to get the node to start on the latest 2.6 with the license installed. Thanks for sharing all the information on it.
  2. Hello everyone, new to the forums currently tackling ccna security before it goes away. Just finished CCNA R&S not long ago. How's everyone doing ?
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